Dr. B.F. Julian Burned Out at Ray’s Mill

For a brief period in the late 1890s, Dr. Bailey Fraser Julian, Jr. made his practice in Rays Mill, GA (nka Ray City).  A fire on the night of Monday,  October 3, 1898 burned out his drug store and office. Dr. Julian’s property was partially insured by Briggs Carson, a Tifton businessman who was an investor in the Waymer-Moore Telephone Company, among other interests.

Atlanta Constitution
Oct 7, 1898

Fire Near Tifton
Tifton, Ga., October 6. -(Special.)- The drug store and office belonging to Dr. B. F. Julian, at Ray’s Mill, was destroyed by fire Monday night last.  Dr. Julian was away from home at the time and the origin of the fire is unknown.  The loss was total and included a lot of clothing in the office.  The loss is estimated at between $1,200 and $1,500, on which Briggs Carson of Tifton, carried insurance amounting to $800 in the Commercial Union.

Dr. Julian was born in June 1864  and raised in Vickery’s Creek, Forsyth County, Georgia. He was a son of Bailey Fraser Julian and Stella Johnson Clement.  It appears that sometime after 1880 B.F. Julian, Jr. came to south Georgia.  In 1890, Dr. Julian married Theresa Elma “Tessie” Swift.  She was born September 19, 1869 in Wisconsin, and as a child had moved with her family to Clinch County, GA.

As a young man, Dr. Julian moved to Archer, Florida where he established his practice as a doctor and surgeon. From 1895 to 1897 Dr. B. F. Julian was a member of that Florida Medical Association. In 1895 he became a charter member of the South Florida Railway Surgeon’s Association which, according to the International Journal of Surgery, held its organizational meeting at Gainesville, FL in April of that year.

Dr. Julian was also present when the Plant System Railway Surgical Association met at Sanford, FL later that year. There, he read a paper titled “Fractures of the Vault of the Skull.”

In 1897, Dr. Julian tendered his resignation with the Florida Medical Association as he had moved his residence from Archer, FL to Tifton, GA. It appears that shortly thereafter he opened his business at Rays Mill. After the 1898 fire that destroyed his Rays Mill store and office, Dr. Julian moved to the Dupont District of Clinch County, where he and Tessie were enumerated in 1900.

About 1903, Dr. Julian moved back to Archer, FL.  He apparently suffered from an extended illness and died on the 27th of March 1907.  His obituary ran in the Gainesville Sun.

The Daily Sun: Gainesville, Florida
March 30, 1907

Death of Dr. Julian.

Information reached this city Friday of the death of Dr. B. F. Julian, about forty-nine years of age, who passed away at his home in Archer Tuesday night. The remains were taken to Stockton, Ga., where the interment was held.
    Deceased was well know in this section, where he resided for many years.  He was formerly a physician at Archer and enjoyed a good practice, but later went to Georgia where he was engaged in his profession for a number of years.  He returned to Archer, however, about four years ago, where he has since resided.
    Dr. Julian is survived by a devoted wife, to whom the sympathy of The Sun and friends is extended.

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