Cat Creek Knife & Gun Club

Following up on the previous post, Gunfight at Cat Creek, the Columbus Daily Enquirer of Columbus, GA reports another shooting in the Cat Creek vicinity, this time involving Isaac Jasper Giddens and Calvin Hightower.    Jasper Giddens was born at Cat Creek, GA and there were many of the Giddens family connection residing in the nearby area, including those at  Ray’s Mill, GA.

The Columbus Daily Enquirer of 17 December 1879 nonchalantly  reports on the “difficulty.”

We learn from the Valdosta Times that a difficulty occurred recently, near the line of Berrien county, between Mr. Jasper Giddens and Calvin Hightower, in which both combatants  were severely cut.  Giddens ended the fight by freeing himself from his adversary’s grasp, and shooting him fatally.

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  1. March 19, 2011 at 6:36 am

    […] December 1879,  Columbus Daily Enquirer  report of a knife fight and shooting at Cat Creek (see Cat Creek Knife and Gun Club).  A more detailed story appeared in the Valdosta Times, and was picked up by the Daily […]

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