Jasper Giddens ‘Settles’ Knife Fight

An earlier post gave a transcription of the December 17 December 1879,  Columbus Daily Enquirer  report of a knife fight and shooting at Cat Creek (see Cat Creek Knife and Gun Club).  A more detailed story appeared in the Valdosta Times, and was picked up by the Daily Constitution in Atlanta.

Atlanta Daily Constitution
December 16, 1879

Valdosta Times: The fatal affray which occurred nearly two weeks ago in the northern portion of this county did not come to our ears in time for our last issue. Better late than never, however, we are enabled to furnish the following particulars: Mr. Jasper Giddens, who is a son of Duncan Giddens, of Clinch county, has been farming on a plantation near the Berrien county line, owned by Mr. William Roberts.  During the year he had employed on his farm as a farm hand a Mr. Calvin Hightower.  A dispute arose between them, and Mr. H. was dismissed.  Mr. Giddens had a claim upon which he entered suit, and upon the occasion of the fatal encounter Mr. Hightower and two of his brothers went over, it seems, to Mr. Gidden’s place to “settle” the difficulty.  They were said to have been well armed. After some words blows were resorted to, and knives drawn and freely used.  Both Hightower and Giddens were severely cut, and it is said that the Hightower brothers were about to take a hand in the fight when Giddens jerked loose from his antagonist, and drawing a pistol, shot him in the abdomen. The wound being a fatal one ended the fight.  Mr. Hightower lived about a week, having died last Tuesday, and Mr. Giddens has fled the country.  We have heard various shades of rumors about the unfortunate affair, but we regard the above as having come from as correct a source as could be obtained. It is hard, of course, to get at the literal details.

Jasper Giddens was born at Cat Creek, GA.  As a young man, he lived in Ware and Clinch counties,  eventually coming back to south Berrien county and the general region of present day Ray City, GA where the shooting occurred.  Cat Creek community is located in Lowndes county near the line with Berrien County.  Just across the county line, in Berrien County, was the Knight community, the homestead of General Levi J. Knight. Many of the Giddens family connection still reside in the nearby area.

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  1. August 11, 2011 at 12:25 am

    […] About 1851 Letitia Giddens married her cousin John Mathis Giddens.  He was born 1832 in Lowndes County, GA the eldest son of Civility Mathis and Duncan Giddens, and grew up on the family farm near the Cat Creek community, about ten miles southeast of Ray City, GA.  His father, Duncan Giddens,  served with Levi J. Knight in the Indian Wars of 1838. His grandfather, Thomas Giddens, was a veteran of the Revolutionary War.  His brother, Jasper Giddens, was a subject of earlier posts (see Jasper Giddens ‘Settles’ Knife Fight).  […]

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