Hydrophobia in Berrien County

Rabies or hydrophobia was always a risk in the sparsely populated wiregrass counties. The Columbus Daily Enquirer-Sun reported on May 17, 1882, page 3:

Berrien County News: The little son of widow Henry Corbitt, was bitten last Sunday by a dog belonging to Ira Sutton.  The night following he suffered a great pain, which has continued, and at this writing he has every symptom of hydrophobia. Those who have seen him say that there is no hope of his recovery.

By 1922 the rabies situation in Georgia was worse than ever.

Boston medical and surgical journal, Volume 186, Pg 690
Massachusetts Medical Society, New England Surgical Society

In the Journal of the Medical Association of Georgia, the statement is made that Georgia is the focus for rabies in the entire United States, for during 1921 there were 454 proved cases of hydrophobia in dogs in that State, and over twenty-one hundred persons were forced to take the Pasteur treatment on account of being bitten by rabid dogs. There were nine deaths. Since 1909 more than fifteen thousand people have been given this treatment.

Reference is made to the extinction of rabies in Australia, due to effective laws.

The safe course for other states is to establish strict quarantine against dogs from Georgia.

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