Henry Washington Woodard – Ray City Blacksmith

Woodard Blacksmith Shop

Henry Woodard and Kiziah “Kizzie” Corbitt Woodard lived in Ray City, GA in the 1930’s.  Henry Woodard operated a blacksmith shop  located  on the Ray City Nashville Highway between Main Street and Jones Street.

Henry and Kizzie Woodard photographed in Pearson County, GA.

Henry and Kizzie Woodard photographed in Pearson County, GA.

Henry Woodard, born Nov. 11, 1867, was the eldest son of Wiley H. Woodard and Delilah Ann Brantley.  He was born in Militia District 1144 (the Rays Mill District), Berrien, Georgia and grew up in the Ray’s Mill vicinity. In the Census of 1880 Henry Woodard  is enumerated with his parents, living in the household of his grandfather, Wiley Woodard, in the 1300 Georgia Militia District (now in Lanier County).

Henry Woodard married Kiziah Corbitt on January 5th, 1890 in Clinch County, GA.  She was born September 28, 1866,  a daughter of Rowena Guthrie and Martin Lafayette Corbitt.

It may be that Henry Woodard purchased the Ray City blacksmith shop from Emma Warr, widow of the town’s previous blacksmith. Her husband, Rollie Warr had died some time in the 1920s.

Henry Woodard owned a home in Ray City valued at $600.  His next door neighbors were Edwin D. Griner, who worked as a miller at a Gristmill, and his wife Sarah, who was a trucker on a  truck farm.

Woodard lived and raised his family in Clinch, Coffee, and then Atkinson county before moving back to the area of his birth in Berrien county.  He was occupied most of his life as a farmer but by the time he moved back to Ray City in the 1920s, he had taken up working as a blacksmith.

Children of  Kiziah “Kizzie” Corbett and Henry Woodard:

  1. PEARL WOODARD, b. March 20, 1891 Clinch Co. GA; d. March 05, 1941,Coffee County GA.
  2. HENRY LAFAYETTE WOODARD, b. March 1894; m. Loucreasy O’steen; d. Feb. 9, 1959, Ray City, GA.
  3. LOU ANNIE “Lizzie” WOODARD, b. May 2, 1895, Georgia; m. John Riley Osteen; d. March 7, 1983.
  4. DENNIS WOODARD, b. December 1899, Georgia; d. Abt. 1970.
  5. DELILAH WOODARD, b. 1911; m. JACK CRIBB; d. April 14, 1990

Kiziah Corbitt and Henry Washington Woodard are buried at New Ramah Cemetery, Ray City, Georgia.

Grave of Henry Washington Woodard and Kiziah Corbitt, New Ramah Cemetery, Ray City, GA.

Grave of Henry Washington Woodard and Kiziah Corbitt, New Ramah Cemetery, Ray City, GA.