1940s Ray City Home of Arlie and Marvin Purvis

Arlie and Marvin Purvis lived in this Ray City, GA home in the 1940s.

Arlie and Marvin Purvis lived in this Ray City, GA home in the 1940s.

Over the years, Arlie Guthrie and Marvin Purvis lived in several Ray City homes. Earlier, the Purvises lived in a house on the southeast corner of Main Street and Park Street, where Hazel Hall and Reid Cox boarded with them.

The house  they occupied in the 1940s, pictured above, was situated on the southwest corner of North Street and Bryan Street in Ray City, GA.  They lived here with their youngest son June Errol Purvis, whom everyone called Nip, and Nip’s dog, Sun.

This residence is just one block north of the home of Hazel Hall and Reid Cox, who were dear friends.  When you entered the front door, this house was divided by a wide hall from front to back.  On the right side there was a living room, a bedroom which Arlie used as a sitting room and a  a sewing room, and a kitchen with a little dinette. Arlie was seamstress and did sewing for people.

On the left was a big front bedroom where the Purvis’ kept their best furniture, and used as their master bedroom. Next was where the Purvis’ had created within the house a separate little apartment  with a large bedroom  and a little kitchen where Mable Cook and Thomas Patten resided with their son, Jack Patten.

Next door to the Purvises was the residence of Mr. & Mrs. Tom Cox, who also had living with them  Kate Nobles, widow of Jasper Nobles.

Living behind the Purvises were the Wilsons, brother and sister Charles and Farlene Wilson Manning, and their mother, Gladys C. Lee. Farlene’s daughter Kathy later married Hal Harp. Charles Wilson married Mary Nell
Herring and moved to the house on the southwest corner of Johnson Street and Pauline Street.

Marvin Purvis had been the proprietor of a general merchandise store in Ray City but had lost the store some years earlier; At the time  the Purvises were living in this house, Marvin was working as a meat cutter.

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