George Washington Nix Killed by Automobile

George Washington Nix was born March 12, 1858 and lived all his life in Berrien  or Lanier County, GA. His mother was  Margaret Ann Mullis.  His father, William Varnell Nix, fought in the Civil War, enlisting in Company E 54th Georgia Infantry Regiment on May 6, 1862 in Milltown (Now Lakeland), GA. (see Three Wives of George Washington Nix)

In the 1930s G.W. Nix and his family were living at Ray City, Georgia.  While traveling with Harris Jones of Lois, GA on the afternoon of Wednesday, February 10, 1932,   G.W. Nix was struck by a car and later died from the injuries.

Atlanta Constitution
February 11, 1932


    VALDOSTA, Ga., Feb 10.  G.W. Nix, 74, a prominent citizen of Ray City, in Berrien county, died at a local hospital today from injuries received yesterday afternoon when he was knocked down by an automobile on a highway near his house.
    Mr. Nix was riding in a car with Harris Jones when they stopped near a stream to put water in the radiator.  While Jones was getting the water Nix stepped out and walked around the car and just as he stepped into the roadway he was struck by a car driven by a man named Paulk.  In endeavoring to avoid the accident Paulk swerved his car and it crashed into the ditch and turned over.
    Paulk freed himself from the over-turned car and assisted in picking up the injured man and rendering first aid. Both Paulk and Jones declared the accident was unavoidable.

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