The Biggles Farm

In 1880, Needham W. Pearson deeded 80 acres of land to his daughter, Elizabeth Pearson Biggles. She was the wife of James Thomas Biggles, subject of the previous post.

James Thomas Beagles and Mary Elizabeth Pearson Beagles

James Thomas Biggles and Mary Elizabeth Pearson Biggles

About 1901, James Thomas Biggles  returned to the Rays Mill area after completing a prison term in the Fargo Convict Camp for the murder of his brother-in-law, Madison G. Pearson. Re-joining his wife, Biggles purchased an 100 acre tract, adjacent to her land,  from Eugene M. Giddens. This tract had been in the Giddens family since the early 1800s. Isbin Giddens brought his wife, Keziah, and their two young children, William and Moses Giddens from Wayne County to settle in what was then Irwin County, near the present day Ray City GA in the winter of 1824-25. Present day county lines place the land in Lanier County, about 6 miles east of Ray City and just north of Highway 129.

After the death of James Thomas Biggles in 1911, the 100 acre tract that was in his name was sold at an administrator’s sale to J. V. Talley. The 80 acre tract was sold in 1924 by the heirs of Elizabeth Pearson Biggles, following her death in 1923. About that time Dr. Reubin Nathaniel Burch acquired both the 100 acre and the 80 acre tracts from different owners. Dr. Burch sold the property about 1930 and it was eventually accquired by the Roquemore family of Lakeland, GA for turfgrass production.

Luelle Giddens and the Euclidian Club at G.S.W.C.

Louelle Giddens, 1933, Georgia State Womans College, Valdosta, GA

Louelle Giddens, 1933, Georgia State Womans College, Valdosta, GA

Mary Luelle Giddens was born at Ray City,  GA on November 22, 1915, one of thirteen children born to Eugene Madison Giddens and Georgia Ida Rigell.  The Giddens home was located near Ray City on the Milltown & Ray City road and was cut into Lanier County when it was created in 1920.

Her father, E.M. Giddens, was a farmer in the Rays Mill district for many years. He was also active in the politics of Lanier county, serving as Ordinary in 1923, and as a Lanier County Commissioner in 1927.  Her uncle, David Jackson Rigell, was a well known merchant who operated one of the earliest stores at Rays Mill (nka Ray City) and later operated a mercantile  in Lakeland, GA.

From 1933 to 1935 Luelle Giddens attended Georgia State Womans College in Valdosta, GA (now known as Valdosta State University.)

She apparently excelled in the study of mathematics at G.S.W.C., for she joined the Euclidean Club, an honors society for math students.


For the Greek mathematician Euclid the club was named when it was organized in the spring of 1930.  At that time the club consisted of only a small number of students most of whom were underclassmen, there being only two majors in the math department.

The requirements have been raised from a grade of B honors in two courses and Juniors and Seniors constitute a majority of the membership.

The idea of the club is to create more interest in mathematics and encourage scholarship by having  qualifications for membership.

The monthly program consists of modern trends in mathematics and current topics.

Louelle Giddens, 1934, Georgia State Womans College, Valdosta, GA

Louelle Giddens, 1934, Georgia State Womans College, Valdosta, GA

Louelle Giddens, 1935, Georgia State Womans College, Valdosta, GA

Louelle Giddens, 1935, Georgia State Womans College, Valdosta, GA

After college, Luelle Giddens married Robert Harold Ogburn (1910-1987), of Atlanta.

Harold Ogburn died February 16, 1987.  Luelle Giddens Ogburn died January 17, 1999.   Both were buried at buried at Arlington Memorial Park, Sandy Springs, Fulton County, Georgia.

Gravemarker, Luelle Giddens Ogburn.

Gravemarker, Luelle Giddens Ogburn.

Gravemarker, Robert Harold Ogburn.

Gravemarker, Robert Harold Ogburn.