Ray City Theater shows Destination Moon

Ray City Theater 1950

Like many small towns, Ray City, GA had its own theater at one time. There were plans to open a theater in Ray City in 1929.  The Ilex Theater in Quitman, GA  built around that same time was designed by Valdosta architect Lloyd Greer, who also designed the Ray City School.  Greer is also credited with designing the Lyric Theater in Waycross, GA and many other south Georgia buildings. Nashville, GA had a theater on the courthouse square.

The Ray City theater of the 1950s first opened in one of the  brick buildings on the north side of Main Street, near the corner of Paralleled Street. Later, it moved around the corner to a brick building on Paralleled Street facing the tracks of the Georgia & Florida Railroad.   The announcement of the theater opening boasted of the segregated accommodations.


December 7, 1950, Ray City Theater was showing Destination Moon. Some rights reserved by markbult

December 7, 1950, Ray City Theater was showing Destination Moon.

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The Nashville Herald,
January 19, 1950, front page, 

New Ray City Theater Opens Friday Night

      Ray City is all set for the opening of its new $20,000 modern theatre Friday (tomorrow) evening at 7 o’clock.
      Showing appreciation for the new enterprise Ray City merchants banded together for a full page advertisement in the middle section of this paper.  In addition, the theatre carries a liberal announcement of the opening together with the program for the next week.
      The new theatre is owned by L.O. West, who also is owner of Luke’s Theatre in Hilliard, Fla.  Mr. West is an experienced theatre man and will give a well rounded program of entertainment for the people of Ray City and vicinity.
      Modern in every respect, the theatre has spring cushion seats and back, rest rooms for both white and colored, drinking founts and a balcony for colored people.
      It is the first modern theatre for Ray City, and is understood to be one of the most modern in this section of the state.

Transcription courtesy of Skeeter Parker


The Nashville Herald, December 7, 1950
Ray City Theatre Shows “Destination Moon” Sun., Mon.

       After having been closed several weeks, the Ray City Theatre is now reopened with pictures slated for Friday and Saturday and Sunday and Monday.
       A special picture, described as one of the most unusual in motion picture history, will be shown Sunday and Monday as advertised elsewhere in this issue of the paper.
       It is George Pal’s Technicolor space ship epic, “Destination Moon.”  Featured in the cast are John Archer, Tom Powers, Dick Weston and Erin O’Brien Moore.

Transcription courtesy of Skeeter Parker


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