1949, Ray City School, 3rd Grade

Ray City School, Third Grade, 1949

Special Thanks to Chris Clements for sharing Ray City School records.

1949 Ray City School 3rd grade

1949 Ray City School 3rd grade


1949 Ray City School 3rd Grade Roster

1949 Ray City School 3rd Grade Roster

  • Harold Scarboro – Harold Duane Scarboro [Scarbrough] -born December 16, 1939, a son of Elmo Clifton Scarbrough and Ruth Martin. His father helped build Moody Air Force Base. The family home was a two-dollar-a-month rental place in the Lois community on the Ray City and Hahira Road. Harold’s grandparents, Lela and Charlie M. Scarbrough, rented the house next door, and uncle Paul Allen Scarbrough was nearby. His brother, Charles Scarbrough, was a Ray City Senior in 1949.
  • Christine Akeridge
  • Leon McCullers – Leon Franklin McCullers, born October 30, 1940, a son of Leroy McCullers and Verdy Martin.  His father was a farmer and a veteran of WWII. His siblings, Dorothy McCullers and James Wesley McCullers, also attended the Ray City School.
  • Martha D. Flowers was a daughter of Ola Browning and James H. Flowers. Her parents were lodging with Lewis D. Browning in a home on the Ray City & Nashville Road in the Lois community. Her father worked as a farm laborer.
  • Bob Cook – Robert Eugene Cook – born July 26, 1936, a son of Isaac Clayton Cook and Mattie E. Sirmans. His father’s occupation in 1940 was fishing. He was a brother of Betty Jo Cook and Bertha Nancy Cook.  The Cooks rented a house on Jones Street, Ray City, GA.
  • Betty Burkhalter – Betty Madie Burkhalter, born March 4, 1938, a daughter of Phillip I Burkhalter and Edna Gertrude Brantley.  Her father was a farmer.  When she was a toddler her great grandfather, Gus Calhoun, lived with the family.
  • Edward Carter
  • J. D. Cone – John Dewey “JD” Cone, born May 27, 1940,  was the son of Dewey Lesley Cone and Velma Sowell Cone. In 1940, the family lived in the Lois community, just west of Ray City, on a rented farm. JD’s father worked as a laborer. By 1942, JD’s father took a job with Henry Gornto working on his farm about a mile and a half southeast of Ray City.
  • Dorothy Skinner – Dorothy L Skinner, born July 23, 1940, a daughter of Payton Shelton Skinner and Mary E. Akridge Skinner.
  • Wilmer Smith
  • Bonnie Fountain
  • Wendell Browning
  • Deloris Barnard – Iris Delores Barnard, born August 19, 1939 in Ray City, GA, a daughter of Charlie Jackson Barnard (1909-1970) and Lola Lee Davis ( 1919-2009). She was the granddaughter of Andrew Jackson Barnard and Nettie Ray Barnard, residents of the Lois community just west of Ray City. She was the sister of Ann Barnard and Charles Barnard.
  • Grace Carter
  • Marion McKuhen
  • Mary Justic
  • Earl Warren
  • Lawana Snipe – LaJuana Jean Snipes, born January 4, 1940, a daughter of Arthur Leonard Snipes (1907–1962) and Louise Elizabeth Garner Snipes (1909–1997), and a granddaughter of Asa Duggan Garner and Bessie Yopp Garner.  She was a sister of Donald Dale Snipes (1943-2016). The Snipes lived in the Lois Community just west of Ray City. Some time in the 1940s the Snipes moved to a house on the south side of Jones Street  in the middle of the block east of Ward Street.  In the late 1950s the family moved just outside the Ray City city limits on the Adel Highway.
  • Willard Bates – attended the New Lois school by 1952
  • Bobby Smith
  • Earl Snipe
  • Kenneth Griner
  • Myrtle Myers
  • Billy Sirmans – Billy Lawton Sirmans, born October 14, 1939, a son of John Abner Sirmans and Lettie Studstill. His father was a veteran of WWI.
  • C. Fountain
  • Gene Baldree
  • M. Fountain
  • R. Dampier –  Ronald Edward Dampier, born December 12, 1940 in Ray City, GA, a son of J W Dampier and Ardie Kent Dampier,
  • Jan Moore was a daughter of Ferris Moore, who was the Ray City iceman.
  • J. Jefferson
  • C. Sirmans
  • Johnny Wood –   He was a son of Jewel and Remer Wood.  His father was a smoke house operator. The family home was on Jones Street and the smokehouse was in the back yard. People would come by the house to buy smoked meat.  Johnny Wayne Wood later moved to Savannah. He came back to Ray City and worked as the Chief of Police.
  • M. Smith
  • Bobby Pevy
  • Carol May
  • Alvis Sauls – a son of Alvis Sauls (1914-1989) and Kathleen Warren Sauls (1917-1977)
  • Bobby Green

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