Ray City’s ‘Freakish’ White Quail

In the fall of 1921, L. J. Clements reported shooting a ‘freakish’ white quail near Ray City, GA in 1921. The Clements were prominent citizens of the community; the family owned the Clements Lumber company, a large sawmill operation located at Ray City on the tracks of the Georgia and Florida Railroad.  In the early 1900s, south Georgia newspapers  occasionally reported albino quail being taken by Wiregrass hunters, and one 1914 news item claimed them to be quite common around Brunswick, GA .

The Thomasville Daily Times-Enterprise
November 25, 1921  Page 3

White Quail Killed in Lowndes by L. J. Clements.

Valdosta, Ga,., Nov 25.  – Following close upon the opening of the quail shooting season comes the first white  Bob White of the season.  This beautiful but somewhat freakish member of the quail tribe was killed yesterday by L. J. Clements while hunting on the lands of J. S. Clements about three miles from Ray City.  The bird was full grown, perfectly white all over except underneath the body where there were some of the regular quail markings.  The bird was shot from a covey as it was flushed from the field.


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