Elijah Fawcett of Possum Creek

As a young man, Elijah Fawcett spent many years in Ray City, GA. He was a half-brother of Connie Moore, subject of the previous post.

Elijah Fawcett was a Ray City resident from about 1902 through the 1930s.

Elijah Fawcett was a Ray City resident from about 1902 through the 1930s.

Elijah Fawcett was born in Manchester, NC on June 6, 1891, a son of  and Charles Solomon Fawcett. Some time before the turn of the century, young Elijah moved with his family to Mud Creek in Clinch County, GA where they were enumerated in 1900. Elijah’s father, and older half-brother Connie Moore, worked a rented farm.But within a couple of years, the family moved to Ray City, GA.

As a young boy, Elijah attended school, eventually finishing seven grades. When he was about 12 years old, his half-brother Connie Moore disappeared, and was presumed killed, while working as a guard at a large convict camp in Fargo, GA.

About 1913 Elijah Faucett was married and began raising a family with his wife, Cora. Some time before 1917 his mother died, after which it appears that his father came to live in Elijah’s household.

In June of 1917, along with other men of the Ray City area, Elijah Fawcett registered for the draft for World War I. At 36 years old he was a tall man, with a medium build, black eyes and black hair. He was employed in farming by John L. Allen, who at that time owned a 260 acre farm located just southwest of Ray City, near Possum Creek.

(One wonders if there was a Moore family connection here. John Levi Allen was a son of Rachel Moore Allen. Elijah’s mother had married a Moore man in her first marriage; Elijah’s older half brother was Connie J. Moore.)

By the census of 1920, Elijah Fawcett had moved his family and widowed father to Red Bluff, South Carolina where he rented a farm. Some time before 1930, he moved everyone back to Ray City, including his now 81 year-old father. With the help of his teenage sons, Arthur and Marvin, Elijah was working a rented farm. It appears that prior to 1935, through unknown circumstances or death, his marriage to Cora ended.

Elijah Fawcett relocated from Ray City to the New River district.  In a second marriage he was wedded to an Alabama woman, Mattie Louise Harrison.

Mattie Louise Harrison, second wife of Elijah Fawcett

Mattie Louise Harrison, second wife of Elijah Fawcett

The couple owned a farm on the Lenox-Enigma Road. Later, Mattie and Elijah Fawcett moved to Alabama.



  1. Bryan Shaw said,

    August 23, 2012 at 9:28 am

    Rachel Moore Allen, mother of John L. Allen, was a Civil War widow. After the war she married Francis Marion Shaw, who owned several hundred acres on Possum Branch, of which John L. Allen later purchased a portion of. It was Francis Marion and his step-son John L. who made a journey to the Fargo area to investigate the disappearance of Connie Moore. It is quite likely that Connie Moore was of some kinship to Rachel Moore Allen Shaw, however I have not been able to document their exact relation.

  2. kathy lewis said,

    March 10, 2015 at 1:37 pm

    He was my great grand father. He had a daughter Lola mae harrison and two sons
    Marvin and arthur and my great grand mother cora jacobs fawcett died. Marvin died in 1959.
    Lola mae my grand mother died in 1981and great uncle arthur fawcett i believe is still alive in south Carolina from what i have uncovered

    • Elaine register said,

      January 19, 2016 at 11:47 am

      Hi Kathy. I am the step granddaughter of Elijah. He was married to my grandmother after Cora died. They were married for almost s yr when my grandmother died in childbirth at which time he married Mattie. My mother and aunt remained close with Elijsh, we visited regularly , growing up and lastly as adults in Hatchechubba , we also visited your grandmother Lola Mae. Pat was the nearest to my she and we kept in contact for some time but then lost contact. Arthur wrote and called my mom for a while but in the late 80’s we stopped receiving letters and calls and my mom assumed he might have passed away. Leona ( Mattie’s daughter ) came to Lakeland fl and stayed with us s couple weeks. She was I think living with her daughter Gene. Which one of Lola’s children are your parent. Would love to hear from you. Elaine

    • charlie locklear said,

      October 15, 2019 at 4:57 pm

      I am kin to Cora Fawcett. I am looking for more information on her. Please contact me at Jesussavescharlie77@gmail.com

  3. Charlie Locklear said,

    August 20, 2019 at 12:58 am

    Elijah maybe the son of my gggranpa’s brother. If anyone can share information on Elijah please contact me at Jesussavescharlie77@gmail.com thanks Charlie

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