July 17, 1914 Lightning Strikes Ray City Home of Johnnie Clements

Lightning was always a threat for those who live and work in the country. Previous posts on Ray City victims of lightning strikes have included The Misadventures of Mr. Stewart and Death of Catherine Ardella Swindle, May 11, 1882.

In the summer of 1914 it was Johnnie Clements of Ray City, GA who took a hit.

The Nashville Herald, Friday, July 17, 1914

Lightning Strikes a House at Ray’s Mill

Lightning struck the home of Mr. Johnnie Clements Thursday afternoon, practically destroying the house and rendering Mr. Clements unconscious for some time, though did not seriously injure him. There were other occupants of the house who were badly shocked. It was a miracle that Mr. Clements missed death, as the screen door he was holding at half open when the explosion came was torn loose from the house and thrown into the yard. – Milltown Advocate.

The article does not provide sufficient detail to identify which of several John Clements who were residing in the Ray City area was the victim. Perhaps a reader can provide more details.

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