Mrs. Lindsay’s Sixth Grade Class of 1960-61, Ray City Elementary School

Ray City Elementary School, Ray City, Berrien County, GA

Ray City Elementary School. Mrs. Lindsay's Sixth Grade 1960-61.

Ray City Elementary School. Mrs. Lindsay’s Sixth Grade 1960-61. Image courtesy of Edith Mayo.

An old photo from the days of the Ray City Elementary School.  Mrs. Lindsay’s sixth grade class of 1960-61. The reverse is inscribed with the following names:

Doriel Wilson
Buddy Cantrauel
Roger Herring
Betty Jo Walker
Nancy Brantley
Kenny Harrell
Earl Richardson
Howard Bridgan
Jimmy Waters
Robert Earl Peters
Johnny Harpe
James Patte
James Plair
Gregg Royals
Alan Garrison
David Crawford
Jack Bennett
James Henery McGill
J. L. Mathis
Gregg Ray
Jesse Lee Creed


Ray City School Teachers 1950-51, Ray City, Berrien County, Georgia


  1. Glenn Elkins said,

    November 5, 2012 at 12:14 pm

    My name is Glenn Melvin Elkins I attended Ray city elementary school from 1963-67, played football with Rodney Martin, Steve Gaskins, Melvin Stone, Ronnie Elkins, we were the Ray City yellowjackets! Old Jimmy Salmans was our coach.My Girlfriend was Diane Giddens, my math teacher was Huey Barker! what a wonderful time that was!!! Mrs. Patten and Huey gave me some mean licks in 65! but Im a better person for it! Love ya Ray City!!!!!!

  2. Hank Watson said,

    May 21, 2013 at 2:37 pm

    Good times huh? By the time i was fortunate enough to graduate from there,the dump was falling down around our ears. Few years into high schooi i was asked to donate to save the place. Seriously? I said no,turned around and walked the other way. Good times huh? Well I guess everybody’s memory is a little different.

  3. Glenn Melvin Elkins said,

    January 28, 2020 at 2:37 pm

    My name is Glenn Elkins I also had mrs. Lindsey she was so sweet. Use to play marbles a lot, Mrs Taylor, Mr Barker Mrs Patten Mr Weaver Mrs Johnson were my teachers too!!! they were all so very nice and sweet!!! I got a spanking from mrs Patten and Mr Barker! never needed nomore after that!! wonderful memories. The kitchen had the best yeast rolls, the cooks used to come out after lunch, and give us what was left in the kitchen! Everybody thought Mr weaver was a bit queer, but actually he was very nice and sweet to all of us. He use ti say he loved all his children! I miss those old days, so bad but all the teachers are passed on now, it seemed like back then everybody was young!!!! God Bless Ray Citys old school days!!

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