Mail Me Monday

Mail Me Monday

One of the historic businesses of Ray City, GA was a mail order accounting service called Mail-Me-Monday.

1948 Classified Ad for "Mail-Me-Monday", Ray City, GA

1948 Classified Ad for “Mail-Me-Monday”, Ray City, GA. The business was owned by W.R. McClure.

Mail Me Monday was a business franchise that was created by Jack Hession to provide bookkeeping services for small businessmen. “They needed it badly because 1) most of them didn’t know how to keep books and 2) they couldn’t afford a part-time bookkeeper to do the job.  Why not, thought Hession, a mail order service which would charge a small fee to keep the books?”

The Mail-Me-Monday franchise in Ray City was owned by William R. “Mac” McClure. The business was located on the second floor over the Victory Soda Shop on Main Street.  Mr. McClure served as principal of the Ray City School.  His daughters were Reba and Sarah.   Reba married J.I. Clements who went on to become a baseball coach at Georgia Southern University.  Sarah  became a bookkeeper in Valdosta.   The McClures lived on the Teeterville Road, right on the edge of town.

1947 advertisement for "Mail-Me-Monday" franchises.

1947 advertisement for “Mail-Me-Monday” franchises.

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