Millard C. Townsend and the Mercer Debate Team

Millard C. Townsend was born in Florida on July 6, 1902, the son of  Margaret Elizabeth Buchanan and Daniel Wiley Townsend. His father was a Florida farmer.

Millard Carnege Townsend moved with his family from Lafayette county, Florida to Ray City some time before 1920. His father owned a farm on one of the settlement roads at Ray City.

At about age 23, Millard C. Townsend was studying at Mercer University in Macon.

Mercer University, Macon, GA

Mercer University, Macon, GA

His success there on the debate team was noted in the Atlanta newspaper.

Atlanta Constitution
May 1, 1926, pg 4

    Macon, Ga., April 30 – Mercer university debaters won the last intercollegiate debate of the present season by defeating a team from Wake Forest college in the Mercer chapel here tonight.
    Millard C. Townsend, Ray City, and Roy Hale, Locust Grove, were the Mercer representatives taking the negative side of the question, “Resolved, that the operation of United States coal mines should be regulated by federal commission.”  The judges handed down a two-to-one decision in favor of the Mercer debaters.
    A.S. Gillespie and C.R. Tew were the debaters from Wake Forest.

Millard’s father died in 1928 in Ray City, GA. After college, Millard moved to Roanoke City Virginia, where he boarded with the family of Charles A. Ball. He took a job as a teacher at the Roanoke National Business College.

Milliard Townsend remained in Roanoke, Va and died there in July, 1984.

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