Ray City Merchants Promoted ‘Possibilities’ During Depression

Berrien County, GA Farmer

Berrien County, GA Farmer. Image courtesy of http://berriencountyga.com/

Another article in the “Booster” series that ran in the 1929 Nashville Herald.  In the weeks and months following the stock market crash,  the paper was doing what it could to bolster the local Berrien County, GA economy.  The following article, sponsored by Ray City merchants, touted the suitability of the town as a center for agriculture and industry.  Other  booster articles  promoted Ray City’s ‘thriving’ downtown businesses.

The Nashville Herald, Ray City Booster Page, November 21, 1929

Possibilities of Ray City and Community

The section of Ray City and Community which constitutes the southern half of Berrien county, is reputed to be one of the best sections of the county, and is known to be a good farming section with the little city of Ray City as the trading center, and to bring out a few facts a number of the merchants of the town have made possible this page, telling of the good school, fertile lands, and their desire to cooperate in making Berrien one of the best counties in the state.

Ray City has a population of about seven or eight hundred people, is located on the Georgia and Florida Railroad and on Highway No. 11, which eventually is destined to be the main route into Florida.  It is situated in the best tobacco and cotton section of South Georgia, and has a large number of merchants who are anxious to see their town and county forge to the front and rank with other sections of the state.  Ray City is a good town in a good section, it has good people within its borders and anyone wishing to establish a new home could do no better than to locate in that community.

The city enjoys the advantages of a high power electric line, which is a great inducement to manufacturing enterprises desiring to locate in the vicinity.

Berrien county is rated as the best tobacco county in the state, and the Ray City section plays a big part in furnishing a good grade of tobacco to make this possible.  Not only are the lands suitable for production of tobacco but during the past two years it has forged ahead as a leader in the production of truck products, – principal of these being strawberries.  Not only is the section famed in the agricultural line, but its lands are covered with Georgia yellow pine that keeps a continual stream of money pouring into its borders either from turpentine or lumber.  It is very well adapted to the raising of cattle, hogs, and poultry and during the next few years is expected to develop a high stage in this line of endeavor as well as dairying.  The county is veritably the garden spot of South Georgia and is one of the main reasons why Berrien County rates as one of the best counties in the state.

Transcription courtesy of Skeeter Parker.

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