Effie Griner Bostick Dies in Key West

Effie Griner was born June 15, 1886 in Berrien County, GA.  She was a daughter of Frances Elizabeth Myers  and John Martin Griner.  On the 1st of September, 1903 she married Harley D. Bostick in Berrien County, GA.  Her nephew, Joel Wheeler, was one of the victims of the Otranto disaster.

Obituary of Effie Griner Bostick
Mrs. Harley D. Bostick, 78, died in Key West, Fla. on October 20, 1964.  She was the former Effie Griner, daughter of John M. and Lizzie Myers Griner.  She lived for many years near Ray City, moving to Key West after the death of her husband in 1954. Survivors: One daughter – Mrs. Lola Dedge of Key West; two sisters – Mrs. John B. Wheeler of Nashville and Mrs. A.B. Lane [Fannie Texas Griner] of Valdosta.  She was buried in Beaver Dam Cemetery in Ray City.

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Effie L. Griner and Harley D. Bostick, Beaver Dam Cemetery, Ray City, GA

Effie L. Griner and Harley D. Bostick, Beaver Dam Cemetery, Ray City, GA

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