Gus Calhoun, Ray City Farmer

Samuel Augustus Calhoun, circa 1907. By 1910 he was farming at Ray City, GA

Samuel Augustus Calhoun, circa 1907. By 1910 he was farming at Ray City, GA

Gus Calhoun was one of the stalwart farmers of Ray City, GA. (see Family of Gus Calhoun,  Berrien County, GA)

Samuel Augustus Calhoun was born May 25, 1868 in Georgia, probably in the community of Colquitt. He was the son of Elizabeth and Joseph Calhoun. His father was a farmer, and Gus followed in the same tradition.

Samuel Augustus Calhoun married Rachel Bullard on May 19, 1891 in Lowndes County, GA.  She was born in 1874.  Her parents were Mack Bullard and Luvellia Ray.  The ceremony was conducted by John G. Hall, Justice of the Peace.  The couple made their home in the Cat Creek community, Lowndes County. They appear there in the Census of 1900.

By 1910 Gus Calhoun had moved his wife and nine children a few miles north to Ray’s Mill (now known as Ray City), Berrien County, GA where he rented a farm next to his father-in-law, Mack Bullard.

Samuel Augustus Calhoun and Rachel Bullard marriage certificate, 1891, Lowndes County, GA.

Samuel Augustus Calhoun and Rachel Bullard marriage certificate, 1891, Lowndes County, GA.

In the 1920s the Calhouns were living  in Ray City, GA renting a place on the Valdosta & Ray City Road.  With the help of his sons, Gus farmed the place on his own account. Thomas Brantley was farming the place next door.

Rachel Bullard and Samuel Augustus Calhoun family, circa 1913.  The Calhouns were living in Ray City, Berrien County, GA during this time.

Rachel Bullard and Samuel Augustus Calhoun family, circa 1913. The Calhouns were living in Ray City, Berrien County, GA during this time.

The 1930s found Gus and Rachel still on the farm in Ray City, renting for $15 a month. At 60, Gus continued to farm, with the help of his sons, Collie and C.B. Also in the Calhoun household was their daughter, Gussie Clark, and her two children, Mildred and Charles. Gussie assisted with the farm labor.  Their son, Max Nathan Calhoun, was renting the house next door with his wife and young child.

Samuel Augustus Calhoun died on January 5, 1957 and is buried in Beaver Dam Cemetery in Ray City, Georgia in Berrien County.

Rachel Bullard Calhoun  is also buried in Beaver Dam cemetery.

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  1. alene ogle said,

    May 12, 2011 at 8:52 pm

    Gussie Clark was my grandmother, Mildred my mother. Gussie was an incredible woma, she raised 3 children by herself. She worked in a canning plant in Eloise FL the last part of her life leaving an estate of 5 houses with no debt. I miss her to this day, she died in 1968. I would love to hear from any family or friends.

    • September 27, 2013 at 9:15 am

      Wow…what a woman! My Daddy John Nathan Mouery is the son of Margret Ann Calhoun. He was named after his grandfather Max Nathan Calhoun and his great grandfather was Samuel Augustus Calhoun “Gus” So your grandmother and my great grandfather were brother and sister. I am working on my family tree for my children. My grandfather also worked in a Canning Plant in Eloise, FL. I think it was called Standard Can or something like that. He retired from there. My grandmother used to take me by there to bring him lunch at work. My Mom’s side of the family also had relatives working at the same plant. I love hearing about Amazing strong women in my family!

      • alene ogle said,

        October 7, 2013 at 8:15 pm


        The Calhouns were an incredible family. I recently spent an afternoon in Ray City and visited the cemetery. I am going to meet Lee’s daughter who is now 90 and her daughter this week. I hope to learn a lot of family history from them. Alene

      • Irvin Mitchell Calhoun said,

        October 8, 2013 at 4:42 pm

        Hello, Alene I would love to get with you and share Samuel Augustus Calhoun Family Tree Information. I have a lot on some lines.

        Samuel Augustus Calhoun / Rachel Bullard (my great grandparents) had a Son (among others) M. N. Calhoun Sr (never know what the M. N. stode for?) brother to Joseph Burton Calhoun Sr (my grandfather). M. N. Calhoun had seven children including a Margaret (?). I have no information on the Margaret line. I’m assuming this may be your Margaret Ann Calhoun. I would love to share information with you. I have a photo of Samuel Augustus Calhoun and family taken around 1905 you may be interested in. We were in Ray Cith this past week end for the Garner Reunion (my mother’s side of the family.

        I live in Cuthbert, GA. “” Looking forward to hearing from you

        Irvin Mitchell Calhoun

  2. October 7, 2013 at 10:36 pm

    That sounds Amazing! I had planned to take my children there too. I also want to know more about the Bullards. I am sending you an email now. Safe travels!!!

    • Sara Calhoun Mitchem said,

      January 19, 2014 at 3:47 pm

      Hello everyone! I am the grand-daughter of Rex Calhoun (son of James Dewey, Samuel August’s son). My grandmother is very interested in getting any additional information she can from all of you! I will e-mail you Mr. Calhoun! Christy do you mind sharing your contact information? And Alene Ogle, I will respond to your message on

      • Irvin Mitchell Calhoun said,

        January 20, 2014 at 8:58 am

        Hello, I am Irvin Mitchell Calhoun (great grandson), son of Joseph Berton Callhoun Jr, son of Joseph Burton Calhoun Sr (brother to James Dewey Calhoun) son of Samuel August Calhoun. I have a lot of Calhoun history and would be willing to share. I live in SW Georgia and can be reached at “”. I would love to hear from anyone to share Samuel Augustus Calhoun history. .

  3. Christy said,

    March 30, 2014 at 8:43 pm

    I’m just now seeing all of these replies. You can email me any information on the Calhoun family at Samuel Augustus is my Great Great Grandfather. My Daddy Nathan, was named after Samuel’s son Max Nathan Calhoun. M.N Calhoun’s daughter is Margaret Ann Calhoun. We lost her to cancer several years back, but she’s my Grandmother and was my best friend. We spent a lot of time together and I miss her dearly. I am looking forward to finding out more about her family history and mine. I named my daughter after her and we are going to take a trip to Ray City, GA soon =)

  4. Joan Adron Hoffmann said,

    January 8, 2015 at 11:56 pm

    I am Joan Adron Jenkins/Hoffmann
    My Grandfather is Robert Leon Calhoun who was married to Stella
    Adron Folds. Gussie Clark is my Grandfather Robert Leon sister. This
    is how I connected to Alene Ogle. (we are cousins)

    My Grandfather went by Lee. I did not know his middle name was
    not Lee for many years. My Mother Susie Inez Calhoun told me his
    name is Leon. Robert also had 3 other daughters. They are:
    Mary Adron Calhoun, Rudell Lee Calhoun and Velma Hazel Calhoun.
    If I can be of help,feel free to contact me.

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