Death of Henry Harrison Knight, July 19, 1898

Henry Harrison Knight (1840-1898), Beaver Dam Cemetery, Ray City, Berrien County, GA

The Obituary of Henry Harrison Knight was published in newspapers across the region. The following is from the Valdosta Times, Valdosta, GA.

Valdosta Times
Saturday, July 23, 1898
Henry H. Knight

Death of Capt. Knight. One of Berrien’s most prominent Citizens Passes Away.

Captain Henry H. Knight died at his home at Ray’s Mill in Berrien County, about midnight Tuesday night.  He was ill only an hour or so and died a short while after a physician reached him.

His death is thought to have been due to heart disease. He had not been in the best of health for some time, but was up and able to attend his affairs on Tuesday.  He retired as usual and was taken ill about 10 o’clock. Medical assistance was summoned, but death came to him before anything could be done to ease his suffering.

Captain Knight was one of the best known men in Berrien and was prominent in the affairs of that county, having served in the Legislature as its Representative and had been a member of the Board of  County Commissioners  through several terms.

He was about fifty-seven years of age and was born at the home in which he died and where he had lived all of his life. He was one of the best farmers in this section of the country and was a prosperous and well-to-do citizen. He married a sister of Messrs. Tom and William Ray, of this city, and leaves her and six children to mourn his death.

His funeral was conducted at Beaver Dam Cemetery on Thursday morning and the burial took place in the presence of a large number of friends and relatives. Captain Knight had made a strong impression upon the times and section in which he lived, and his death is generally lamented.  The times joins in sympathy for the stricken wife and for the large circle of relatives to whom he was so dear.

Henry Harrison Knight Family circa 1896, located at Ray's Mill.  L-R, Rosa, unknown, E. M Knight, John T., Alexander, Leila, Mary Ray Knight (mother), and Henry Harrison Knight (father), holding Levi, Jr.

Henry Harrison Knight, far right-holding child, was born and died in this home near Ray City, GA. Image courtesy

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