Georgia Teacher For Fifty Years Only Went To School 335 Days

In 1933 the Atlanta Constitution gave this retrospective on the remarkable life of William Green “Bill” Avera

Georgia Teacher for fifty years only went to school 335 days.
Atlanta Constitution. Sept 10, 1933

RAY CITY, Ga. -Sept. 9. -(AP) Bill Avera, 78, went to school 335 days over a period of eight years but for 50 years he worked in the educational field, taught hundreds of children and served 16 years as commissioner of education in Berrien county.
  He’s retired from active teaching now but is writing and compiling a textbook on primary arithmetic at his country home near here. He believes the book will simplify the teaching of “figgurs” to children in the grammar grades of school.
  “I know the difficulties which both teacher and pupil have to face in arithmetic and I think this book will help them,” he says. “It will be a distinct change from methods which we used when I was teaching. In the book, I am trying to write and explain the subject from the child’s viewpoint as well as that of the teacher”
  He began teaching in Berrien county in 1877.  Realizing he had much to learn he bought books on geography, arithmetic, grammar and other subjects and studied incessantly when he was not in the classroom to equip himself for his vocation.
  He has taught in Berrien, Lanier, Cook and Lowndes counties and hundreds of young people remember him as their teacher.
  Kindly, congenial,and possessing a wealth of information and knowledge, he is a favorite with children and adults. There is a stone plaque over the arched gateway of his home which he placed in memory of his first wife, who died in 1905. It reads: “In memory of my beloved and faithful wife because she never spoke a harsh word to me nor left undone an act of kindness that would add to my comfort and happiness.”
  Four times Mr. Avera was elected school commissioner of this county and he did much for the progress of rural education. He has a library consisting of more than 500 books for which he spent more than $2,000.

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  1. July 23, 2011 at 8:45 am

    […] Berrien County School Board during 1914 and 1915. William Green Avera, subject of previous posts ( Georgia Teacher For Fifty Years Only Went To School 335 Days, Professor Avera Lived Near Ray City, GA ), was County School Superintendent during that period. […]

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