Fifty Years of Methodist Ministers ~ Ray City, GA

To go along with the previous post on the history of Ray City Methodist Church, here is a list of the first 50 years of Methodist pastors in Ray City, GA:

W.E. Hightower 1910-11
Rev. Lewis L. Barr  1911-15   – later served as pastor of the Nashville Methodist Church
John Sharpe 1915-20
Joseph Frank Snell  1921-22
J.J. Sanders 1923-23
J.C. McCord 1925
C.E. Smith 1926-27
J.M. Hancock 1928-30
Unknown  1931-32
A.L. Green 1933
F.A. Ratcliff 1934
Marvin Vincent 1935-36
J.P. Touchton 1937-40
Robert C. Carter 1940-42
J.W. Herndon 1943-44
C.E. Croft  1945
Pledger Parker 1946-47
P.T. Holloway 1948-49
D.R. Dixon 1950-57
Burell Dinkins 1958-59
Carroll Crosby 1960

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