Ray City/Adel Boys Wreck Automobile Near Sparks, GA

Rema Sirmans

Dr. H.W. Clements, subject of previous posts, treated other auto accident victims. When Rema Sirmans, a young man of Ray City, GA was injured in an automobile accident near Sparks, Ga.  The Jan 17, 1929 edition of the Nashville Herald reported the following:

 Boys Wreck Automobile Sunday Near Sparks

In an automobile wreck that occurred a few miles west of Sparks Sunday night about ten o’clock Mr. Rema Sirmans of Ray City received a broken nose and severe gashes about the face and Andrew Ellis owner of the car received a cut on his right arm. Both gentlemen required medical attention, which was furnished by Dr. Clements of Adel who was called to the scene of the  accident.

 The boys were said to be coming into Sparks and upon attempting to make a curve the car, a Ford roadster turned into the ditch and struck a pine tree and Mr. Sirmans was thrown out through the windshield, and his face struck the tree and for several minutes was rendered semi-conscious.  Dr. Clements was called to the scene of the accident and the boys were carried to Adel where their wounds were attended to. The car was badly damaged. 

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For more family history and the history of Ray City, GA see www.raycity.pbworks.com

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