New York Artist Makes Home at Ray’s Mill ~ 1880

In the period after the Civil War most residents of the Ray’s Mill community, as in the rest of the rural south,  were occupied in agriculture.  In 1880, George Richard Platt was the exception to the rule.  George Platt was a artist and a native of New York state, now  living with his family in the vicinity of Ray’s Mill, GA.

His  family included his wife Sarah L. Scott, and six children: Mary Elizabeth Platt, 8 SEP 1869; George William Platt, 12 DEC 1870; Sarah  Madeline Platt,  16 Dec 1873; Julia Scott Platt, 12 Jul 1875; Nathaniel Edward Platt,12 Oct 1877; and Charles Theodore Platt,  28 Oct 1879.

The census of 1880 places the George R. Platt family in the 1144 Georgia Militia District (centered on the Rays Mill community, nka Ray City, GA) where he was working as an artist. He was one of the very few in Berrien county who was not in the occupation of farming. The census records show that he and his wife were literate, and that their children who were of appropriate age attended school.  Their neighbors included Elbert Wilkerson, who worked as a carpenter. The census taker in the 1144 Georgia Militia District that year was L.E. Lastinger.

By 1900 George Richard Platt and family had moved to New Orleans, Louisiana where he took up work as a photographer.

Where are the works of the artist?  Have no paintings or photographs survived?  Perhaps some reader will let us know.


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