Mulberry Tree Strikes Down John M. Futch

The Holt County Sentinel (Oregon, MO), reported July 02, 1880 the random page two fact that “Farmers in Berrien County, Ga., grow mulberry trees for their fruit for hogs.”

Not always with good result, we learn From the Columbus Daily Enquirer-Sun,  Feb 16, 1883  page 3

Mr. John M. Futch, of Berrien county, met with a very serious accident on Thursday of last week.  He was having a large mulberry tree dug up,  and when it fell one of the limbs struck him on the back of his neck crushing him to the ground, nearly killing him.  He was improving at last accounts.

John M. Futch lived on the road that ran  between Lastinger Mills at Milltown (nka Lakeland, GA.) and the Berrien county seat at Nashville. This road, one of the first roads built in Berrien county,  passed by the residences of Isben Giddens and  Levi J. Knight,  among others. John M. Futch was the father of Rhoda Futch Knight.  In 1875 he served as foreman of the jury in the case of The State vs Burrell Hamilton Bailey.

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