1910 Train Wreck in Valdosta, GA

Manassah W. Henderson

Manassah Henderson of Ray’s  Mill, GA was injured in the 1910 train wreck in Valdosta.  Read additional accounts at http://raycity.pbworks.com/

Atlanta Georgian and News, Jun. 29, 1910 — page 3

Two collide at Right Angle in
Valdosta Railroad


Thrown in Heap Against Sides
of Car — Cut by Flying Glass
and Otherwise

    Valdosta, GA. June 29 – Ten or twelve passengers were more or less seriously injured in a wreck which occurred in the railroad yard in this city shortly before 11 o’clock today. The rear coach on a Georgia and Florida railroad train was struck at right angle and hurled a distance of 50 feet by a locomotive of the Georgia Southern and Florida railroad at a crossing of the two roads.
The passengers in the coach were thrown in a huddle by the impact, nearly of them being cut by flying glass, while some of them sustained internal injuries.
Among those injured were;
Mrs. Daniels and daughter, of Valdosta.
Mrs. W. F. Martin, of Madison, Fla.
W.T. Staten,
J.W. West,
G.M. Boyd,
W. T. Lane, of Valdosta,
W.M. Henderson, of Rays Mill, Ga.
It is not known yet whether the injuries of any of them will prove fatal.
The wreck appears to have been the fault of the Georgia Southern and Florida engineer.

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  1. September 23, 2010 at 3:51 am

    […] passion kindled. Before the year was out she married Ray City resident Manassah J. Henderson. (See 1910 Valdosta Train Wreck for more on Henderson) […]

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