1879 Jasper Giddens shoots Calvin Hightower

Isaac Jasper Giddens was born in Cat Creek, Lowndes County, Georgia. Just across the county line, in Berrien County, was the Knight community, the homestead of General Levi J. Knight. As a young man, Jasper Giddens lived in Ware and Clinch counties, eventually coming back to south Berrien, in the general region of present day Ray City, GA

By 1879, Isaac Jasper Giddens was back in south Berrien county a where the shooting occurred.

Columbus Daily Enquirer,
Dec. 17, 1879.
Georgia News. Pg. 3

We learn from the Valdosta Times that a difficulty occurred recently, near the line of Berrien county, between Mr. Jasper Giddens and Calvin Hightower, in which both combatants were severely cut. Giddens ended the fight by freeing himself from his adversary’s grasp, and shooting him fatally.

 More details were reported by the Valdosta Times and the story made the state newspapers about how Jasper Giddens settled the Knife Fight.  Jasper Giddens fled from justice but was finally captured at Brookfield, FL in 1887.

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