1887 Family Feud at Ray’s Mill

In 1887,  James Thomas  Beagly, aka  Biggles, Beigles,  or  Beagles shot and killed his brother-in-law on the courtground at Rays Mill, GA.  The account below was published in the Columbus Enquirer-Sun, Nov. 11, 1887 — page 3.   For more details and additional Ray City, GA history, see http://raycity.pbworks.com/FrontPage

Terrible Result of an Old Feud.
Nashville, Ga., Nov. 9. – At Ray’s mill in this county, on Tuesday evening last, a dreadful encounter occurred in which M. G. Pearson was shot and instantly killed by J. T. Beagly, the cause being a family feud. It appears the parties had met to amicably settle the trouble if possible, but soon engaged in some hot words, when Pearson said to Beagly:
“Come out in the sand and we will settle the trouble.”
They started out. Beagly drew his pistol and fired upon him as he went out, and shot him dead the first fire, then took to the swamp and has not yet been captured.

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