Lacy Lester Shaw

Lacy Lester Shaw,1873-1944.

Lacy Lester Shaw. Image courtesy of

Lacy Lester Shaw. Image courtesy of

Family researcher Bryan Shaw published a newsletter on Lacy Lester Shaw in 1998.  (see  A son of Francis Marion Shaw and Rachel Moore Allen Shaw, Sr., Lacy Lester Shaw was involved in the turpentine industry with his brothers Arthur and Chester Shaw, primarily running the commissary at the still sites.

On June 7, 1896, at the age of 23, Lacy married Tula Albritton, daughter of Hodge Albritton and Susan Catherine Byrd. She was the sister of Gertrude Albritton Shaw, wife of Lacy’s oldest brother.


Later, Lacy Lester Shaw was  involved in the hardware and grocery business in Ray City, GA and in Valdosta. He was a member of the New Ramah Primitive Baptist Church at Ray City. He was also a Mason and  served as treasurer of Ray City lodge No. 553.  In 1917 he built a house on North Street and opened a hardware business as the Ray City Supply Company. But after only a few years Lacy Lester Shaw moved his family to Valdosta.

Lacy Lester Shaw - In Search of a Lost Brotherhood

Lacy Lester Shaw – In Search of a Lost Brotherhood

Lacy Lester Shaw, Tula Albritton Shaw gravemarker, New Ramah Cemetery, Ray City, Georgia

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  1. Bryan Shaw said,

    June 12, 2011 at 9:58 am

    Lacy Shaw was brother to Arthur, Jesse “Dock”, and Chester Shaw. Lacy, Arthur, and Chester were in the turpentine business together, then after a falling out, Lacy and Chester were in business together and were quite successful. Chester was the strongest of the partnership, though the youngest. Chester was Berrien County Treasurer in 1909, 1910. In 1912, Chester ate a meal of quail and swallowed a quail bone and it lodged in his lower bowels and he died of gangrene of the bowels. He was 37. Lacy did not seem to have the same success without his partnership with Chester. He died near penniless.
    Bryan Shaw

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