Sullivan Jordan “Sovin” Knight (1858 – 1911)

Sullivan Jordan Knight (1858 – 1911)

Sullivan Jordan “Sovin” Knight. Image courtesy of

Continuing research on  Aaron Anderson Knight: his brother, Sullivan Jordan “Sovin” Knight, was a farmer at Ray’s Mill, GA.   The following is transcribed from the Valdosta Daily Times, January 6, 1909

Valdosta Daily Times
January 6, 1909
Rays Mill Home Burned
Residence Of S. J. Knight Consumed While He was At Funeral

Milltown, Ga., Jan. 6. — Tuesday morning while Mr. S.J. Knight and family of the Rays Mill district were at the burial of Mrs. Geo. W. Knight, his home and smokehouse burned down. One of the two sons, who did not go to the burial, was at work in a back field and saw the flames coming from the direction of his home. He was quickly on the scene and with the assistance of the neighbors, who joined him, and succeeded in saving a portion of the furniture, and most of the meat from the smokehouse. It is not known what started the fire, unless it was rats, as the fire seemed to have started in the upper part of the house. It is not known whether Mr. Knight carried any insurance.

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  1. Bryan Shaw said,

    June 12, 2011 at 10:08 am

    Sovin Knight was the husband of Eliza Allen Knight, daughter of Rachel Moore Allen Shaw and Francis Marion Shaw. After the fire mentioned above, Sovin and Eliza purchased a farm near Barney, Georgia. On April 16, 1911, Sovin suffered a heart attack and died in his new home. Eliza took their smaller children and moved back to Ray City where she resided with her mother and step father until their deaths. Then she moved in with her youngest child, Kathleen Knight Swindle, wife of Henry Swindle, a Ray City grocer. Eliza died November 4,1945. Sovin and Eliza are buried in the Pleasant Cemetery, Lois, Georgia.
    Bryan Shaw

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